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Memory After Belsen Q&A

Shiva Kumar, senior producer for Evolve Media in NY recently directed and edited a feature length documentary titled Memory After Belsen. This film was written and produced by Shiva’s long time documentary production partner, Joshua M. Greene and executive produced by Henri Lustiger Thaler. Memory After Belsen premiered at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York on Nov. 20th to commemorate the approaching 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

The film follows the granddaughter of a survivor as she discovers the reality of her grandmother’s concentration camp experience. Her journey to Bergen-Belsen serves as a springboard for exploring issues of memory. Voices of leading scholars and educators contribute to this unique program on the future of Holocaust memory and how it is portrayed in contemporary culture through film, the arts, human rights initiatives and education.

Evolve Media and Clayton Douglas collaborated with Kumar on the look and feel of the film and provided key visual effects to enhance the mainstream appeal of Memory After Belsen.  Memory After Belsen has been accepted by Discovery Education for distribution to classrooms nationwide.  Evolve Media is currently working on negotiating distribution rights for the film for national and International release. The Huffington Post wrote about the film and touches on the subject of remembering the Holocaust after the survivors are gone.

Check out the trailer for a peek into the documentary.

A trailer for the Origins project highlighting New York's founders

Origins Project Trailor – New York’s Founders

Evolve has partnered up with Origins in New York to help create a series of projections, holograms and light sculptures of New York’s founders. Check out this Origins Project Trailer – New York’s FoundersThe Founder’s life stories will be projected around Battery Park on buildings, fences, walls, airshafts, trees and the Hudson River. Accompanied by lively recordings based on the experiences of the early settlers, Origins will provide visitors with a dynamic step back in time to the beginnings of New Amsterdam/New York.

Meet some of New York’s (or New Amsterdam’s as it was called until 1664) early settlers:

American Indians – the original settlers of ‘Mannahatta’, or ‘Manahatouh’ in the Munsee language:  ‘the place where we get bows’

Henry Hudson – (England) who dropped anchor in NY Harbor early September 1609 with his ship ‘Halve Maen’ (Half Moon)

Jan Rodrigues – (Dominican Republic) New York’s first non-native American settler

Asser Levy – (Poland or Germany) Jewish activist, merchant and a successful mediator

Manuel – (West coast of Africa) survivor of a public hanging, one of the first freed slaves in New York and a farmer on what is now Washington Square

AdriaenVan der Donck – (Dutch Republic) lawyer, landowner and activist, whose nickname ‘Jonker’ lives on in the name of the city of Yonkers

Griet Reyniers – (Dutch Republic) New Amsterdam’s infamous prostitute, wife of the Moroccan pirate Anthony van Salee

Petrus Stuyvesant – (Dutch Republic) New Amsterdam’s one-legged, powerful and last Governor

Margaretha van Varick – (Dutch Republic) a 17th century businesswoman

Jacob Leisler – (Germany) an influential business- and political figure who was pardoned shortly after being executed by the British.

Please contact us if you know of other historic characters who should be immortalized. Through their life-stories Origins Project Trailer – New York’s Founders celebrates New York, the amazing  and diverse City of Opportunity.

From Sept. – Dec. of 2015 every night, from 7:00 pm to midnight, Battery Park will be transformed into a living open-air light exhibition. Visitors will come face to face with some of New York’s first settlers. Through their life stories we celebrate New York, originally called New Amsterdam, the enlightened and diverse city of opportunity. If you want a preview of this awesome project, check out this Origins Project Trailer – New York’s Founders video Shiva Kumar directed.

For more information on the enlightened Origins sponsor and partner benefits contact Evelyn Ellis or Gerard Jongerius.