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The internet is cluttered with thousands of companies varying for your business. The term most commonly used is, “Full Service.” Evolve Media is guilty of that word as well. But what does Full Service really mean? For Evolve Media, Full Service refers to our approach. We interface with every single client on the same premiss, that in the end we will construct a comprehensive media campaign that will drive results. We are media experts. We focus on you and the industry you service, and start by listening to you carefully to ensure that we completely understand your short term and long term business objectives. Our solution to your marketing challenge is always customized to you and strategically developed to reach your target audience and exceed your expectations. Our clients view us as an extension of their marketing team.


Our philosophy is simple, no media is worth its weight in gold unless you get eyes on it. To make that happen we harness a laser like focus on TV on Digital Media. As an experienced media planning group we know that increased Reach and Frequency to your Target Demo mean better results for your media dollars. Our strengths lie in creating unique and compelling content and sharing it with the right audience. Therefore, our rates and motivations for a particular medium aren’t based on the pre-determined volume commitments, because we don’t have any. Your campaign will consist of the most appropriate venues for releasing your media, not someone else’s. We regcognize that our success is in direct relation to your client’s success, so we invest our clients’ advertising dollars as if they were our own. This ensures that every dollar of your budget is well spent and working harder for you.


We are driven by results. And when it comes to creating and executing successful advertising strategies, we have the talent and the tolls to make sure your campaign is carried out intelligently from start to finish. We have an award-winning ability to think outside the box with our creative, and we harness that same strength when it comes to placing media on TV or Online. We are constantly challenging ourselves to create new strategies for our clients with the use of new and emerging advertising mediums.


– National, Regional and Local TV
– Network TV & Cable
– Regional & Local Cable
– Satellite TV: Direct TV, Dish Network
– Direct Response
– Online Display Advertising
– Internet Marketing
– Social Media
– Product Placement
– Cinema Advertising: Your Commercial at the Movie Theaters!

We are engaged from beginning to end and constantly monitor the marketplace and recommend shifts to your media strategy in order to maximize the effect of your advertising dollars and improve your ROI. You can rest assured that your media will be monitored 24/7 with full transparency on reporting and fulfillment.


Evolve Media utilizes the leading strategic planning tools to provide relevant television audience measurement data to plan and analyze TV and Digital campaigns.

Consumer Behavior: Access to data on consumer habits and attributes as they relate to your target market. If you don’t know what’s trending and who’s watching then you can’t intelligently place your media.

Competitive: We can map media plans and ratings by market and even access your competitor’s exact schedules & creative. If your going to compete, then you need to know exactly what your competitors are doing, where they are doing it, and how they are doing it.

Data Analysis: In-depth pre- & post planning tools on all 210 DMAs nationwide. With monitoring before and after campaign launch we study what areas are producing results and which ones need adjustment.

The research and planning allows you to evaluate and compare alternative channel, day part or program solutions in order to achieve the most cost effective campaign for your target market.


Once the Evolve Media has a clear understanding of your goals, we go to work on creating the most bang for your buck. Our unique relationships allow us to integrate your advertisement in more than one way. Depending on the scope and reach of your advertising campaign, you can expect any of the following to be included with your campaign for little or no additional cost:

– Online streaming spots on the station website
– Web Banners on the station website
– Bonus spots & impressions
– Live on-air product mentions
– Live on-air talk show placements
– Program sponsorships


With 700 million moviegoers, over 18,6000 screens in more than 1,400 theaters, our Cinema Partner Network is the largest of its kind, offering a dominating national platform for advertisers. From pre-show vignettes to engaging and interactive commercials we can put your brand in front of moviegoers. We can target placements by geography, film, and even film ratings.

– 2D and 3D advertising
– Custom-produced vignettes
– Long-form content/branded entertainment
– Pre-feature show integration
And more!


Evolve Media Offers a complete suite of Internet Marketing Services

Evolve Media Production provides integrated online marketing strategies that help companies grow. We integrate these online strategies to seamlessly match the look and feel of your offline brand. Our suite of Internet Marketing Services include: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Website Design & Development, Behavioral Retargeting, Display Advertising, and Mobile Advertising. We also specialize in online media buying.


Your website is the key to your online presence and the core for all of your online activity, leads and sales. A successful Internet Marketing campaign requires a website that is designed an optimized for customer acquisition. A successful product needs a high-performing website platform that supports the consumer buying process while enhancing its marketing efforts. Our product websites are designed to maximize consumer conversion and drive sales.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one part of your Internet Marketing Strategy. Organic search results provide for the highest quality traffic and conversion ratios. Successful search engine rankings increase ROI for your product as you outrank your competitors.

We provide SEO friendly pages and user friendly content that are actively crawled by the search engine spiders. Search engines are constantly changing their ranking systems, so we stay up to date with the latest algorithms, and execute the most effective link building, site architecture, and content optimization tactics.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process that includes Keyword research focusing on terms with High Keyword effectiveness scores. We find your target market, and then help them find you.


Paid Search is an important part of your overall DRTV Internet Marketing strategy and the perfect complement to your overall search campaign. Support your organic SEO strategy by having our experienced PPC Management team find your target market and deliver you immediate leads to achieve your desired CPA.

We build landing pages designed to achieve the best conversion ratios in the industry and the highest overall quality score to place your message above the competition.


We develop Internet Marketing campaigns that generate results. Performance is measured by clicks and conversions. We provide detailed reporting of impressions, clicks, and click through rates. We find the right mix of sites that will reach your target market providing the best brand awareness, but also offering the highest conversion ratios.


Did you know that 98% of people leave a website without converting? We get them back! Using proprietary technology we’re able to deliver your message to visitors after they have left your site as they surf the Web. Your display ads will appear to them as they surf their favorite internet sites – everything from popular news sites, social networking sites, to various blogs and informational sites.

These are not pop-ups; these are advertisements that customers would normally see as they visit these web pages; only instead of a random ad being displayed, a targeted ad specifically for them will be shown. Let us show you how it works.


Our Mobile Campaigns effectively reach your customer as we can target by Demographic, Device, Region, Age and more. We find your specific customer, the websites or Apps they are using, and then on a performance based platform, have your customer contact you. Mobile Marketing works on a Cost Per Click, however after a one month test we can move to a cost per lead.


Evolve Media gives you the ability to email newsletters or promotions to your prospects and customers on a local, regional, or national level. We can integrate new lists with your existing email lists and scrub them for duplication. Or, we can create an entirely new campaign to send on a regular or one time basis, guaranteeing that each send is reaching a new set of people.

So what makes Evolve Media different? Our platform is designed to support video.

Adding video to your email marketing just makes sense. Video is personal and powerful. It gets attention and communicates more completely than text and images alone. Whether you’re sending one-to-one, one-to-many, or one-to-all, your email will help you build trust and build relationships with the addition of video.


– Lifestyle
– Buying Habits
– Interests & Hobbies
– Income, Home Ownership, HHI
– Geography: City, State, Zip
– Industry Type


Email marketing is regarded as a mainstream tool for promoting a business or enhancing sales in any corner of the world. About 90% email marketing can generate results in less than 48 hours.
147 million people in the U.S. check their emails almost every day.
ROI of email marketing is over $583 billion which is considered bigger than Microsoft’s market value. Total revenue from email marketing is sufficient to compensate the entire US National Debt.
Total internet users are about 1.9 billion which is larget than the combined population of European Union, the USA and China.

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