Evolve Media Produces Rewarder.com’s First Web Video!

Evolve Media Produces Rewarder.com’s First Web Video!

With the Rewarder.com video, Evolve Media worked closely with the company to write a story that showcased their product in the simplest and most direct way – showing people using it. We agreed that we needed a clean, elegant commercial without any voiceover, and relatable characters engaging with the product in fun and interesting ways.  This might be easy to do with a car commercial, but with Rewarder we needed to introduce a brand new online and app-based product. Here’s an early storyboard from the first scene:
Rewarder.com Scene 1 Draft

The safe route would be to explain it, but who wants to watch that? We had a great product to showcase and a good story. Then all we had to do was connect the dots with our award-winning effects team. Bam! The reward was worth the risk. Watch how it comes to life. Enjoy the real thing!



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