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18 Mar

How To Hire A Voice Over Artist

Taking the time to hire a professional, high-quality voice over actor bumps your video’s production value up a few notches while also keeping the integrity of your script. The VO artist carries the tone...

15 Jan
Memory After Belsen Q&A

Memory After Belsen

Shiva Kumar, senior producer for Evolve Media in NY recently directed and edited a feature length documentary titled Memory After Belsen. This film was written and produced by Shiva’s long time documentary...

26 Sep
A trailer for the Origins project highlighting New York's founders

Origins Project Trailer – New York’s Founders

Origins Project Trailor – New York’s Founders Evolve has partnered up with Origins in New York to help create a series of projections, holograms and light sculptures of New York’s founders...


Video Production Company

Evolve Media Production is an award-winning video production company with a studio in New York & San Francisco. We offer many different services for every stage of the video production process – from the creative side to the marketing side.

Video Production Services in New York & San Francisco

Evolve Media works in many video genres, with impressive results every time. Whether your video project is a full-scale documentary or a trade show video, a TV commercial or a viral comedy video, or any other type of video project, the Evolve Media team has the talent and expertise to bring your vision to life

Agency Services

If you’re new to video production, never fear – Evolve Media is a video production company with studios in New York & San Francisco that can walk you through the entire process. From pre-production to casting, budgeting to set design, location scouting to post-production, we handle all the details.

Media Planning

We’re not just creative and technically talented, but also media-savvy enough to get your video into all the right markets. We oversee all the media planning and buying for your campaign, and we get results for our clients.

Animation and Visual Effects

Evolve Media can create amazing visual effects, 2D animation, 3D animation and 3D stereo-scopic videos – and we’ve won awards for our work. We also do seamless stop-motion animated videos that are impressive but still budget-friendly.

Because the Evolve Media team includes experts in every aspect of video production – from storyboarding to media planning, special effects and post-production – we know our industry inside and out. That makes us versatile enough to create any kind of video you need and get it into all the right markets where your video will be seen by all the right people.

We’ve worked with major Hollywood studios and Fortune 100 companies, but we take an individual approach to each project to get you the very best results for your video campaign budget. Contact us for a quote on your next video project and see what sets Evolve Media apart from the competition.